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Martine Auriol Seminar – 3rd edition : 4th December 2014

The 3rd edition of the Martine Auriol seminar will be held at the LGC on 4th December 2014.
This seminar is organised every two years by the Service for Process Analysis of the LGC

- Place

  • Laboratoire de Génie Chimique –ENSIACET Campus – Amphi 100

- Aims

  • This seminar aims to review every 2 years the new and existing analytic resources of the LGC.
    During a speech of 15 to 20 mn, a measuring technique will be presented : principles, measured sizes, the scientific and/or industrial applications and the associated metrological constraints.
  • The major part of this seminar will be driven by the staff of the Service for Process Analysis and by the technical staff of the LGC (ENSIACET, Rangueil and ENSAT Campuses).

-  Who can attend this seminar ?

  • students (PhD students, post-doctoral...), permanent staff of the LGC (professors, researchers, technical staffs) and industry of Midi-Pyrenees region, external regular users of the equipment and regular partners of the LGC.
  • This seminar is also open to partner laboratories of the LGC.

- How to get register ?

The entrance is free but you have to be registred in advance for the good organisation of this seminar.

  • For registration, please contact Christine Taurines :
    • by mail :
    • Laboratoire de Génie Chimique (UMR 5503 CNRS - INP-ENSIACET) 4, allée Emile Monso - 31030 Toulouse Cedex 4

-  The Seminar Program


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