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Area of action

Research on water and wastewater has led to several industrial and academic collaborations and is organised into 3 topics :

- Removal of pollution from effluents by separation processes

  • Precipitation of phosphates in a reusable form from domestic and/or industrial wastewater.
    key words: Crystallisation process, precipitation methods, chemical agglomeration, wet milling process.
  • Extraction by coacervates for waste treatment.
    key words : Two aqueous phases extraction, cloud point, polyethoxylated alcohol, mixed micelles, organic pollutants, heavy metals.
  • Treatment of saline effluents by membrane water purification systems.
    key words: Electrodialysis, demineralization of organic pollutants, inhibition by salts, ionic composition, ion hydration, photochemical oxidation.
  • Electrocoagulation of wastewater
    key words: Soluble anode, electrogeneration of bubbles, coagulation of dissolved species, flotation

- Chemical, biological or electrochemical degradation of pollution

  • Membrane bio-reactors for domestic or industrial waste treatment.
    key words : Immersed hollow fibres, ceramic bypass loop, hospital effluents, anti-cancer drugs, characterisation of sludge, hydrodynamic aeration.
  • Hybrid adsorption processes - Catalytic adsorption oxidation or adsorption ozonation processes (AD-OX and AD-OZ) for the treatment of hard DOC.
    key words : Catalytic oxidation, adsorption, ultrasound, activated carbon, pyrolysis of sludge, zeolites, activated sludge, multi-pollutant, ozonation.
  • Electrochemical wastewater treatment.
    key words : Boron-doped diamond film electrodes, oxidation of organic compounds, complete mineralization.
  • Transformation of organic matter into electrical energy.
    key words : Microbial fuel cells, biofilm engineering, electrode materials, PaCMi, activated sludge.
  • Scientific approaches and tools to improve turbid water treatment processes.
    key words: Aeration of sewage, surface oxygenators, coagulator, agitation modules, digital simulation.
  • Coupling membrane contactors and photocatalytic reactors.
    key words : Dialysis, photocatalysis, pesticides, endocrine disrupters

- Water treatment for mains distribution.

  • Coagulation and flocculation using static mixers.
    key words : Static mixer, floc size, settling.
  • Retention of chemical or biological contaminants.
    key words : Nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, defective membrane, ageing, deformation of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, endocrine disrupters, anticancer agents, pesticides.
  • Control of colloidal clogging of membranes producing drinkable waters.
    key words : Critical flows/volume, anticipation control of clogging, irreversibility of sedimentation, behaviour of colloidal solution filtration processes.