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- What is the habilitation to conduct research ?

The habilitation to conduct research (HDR) is a national diploma of higher-education accessible after being awarded a PhD that recognises :

  • high-level scientifics skills,
  • a highly original initiative in a scientific domain,
  • the control of a research strategy in a large domain,
  • the ability to lead PhD students.

One of the purposes of the habilitation to conduct researches is to grant access to the academic and university management staff.
It’s not a thesis and shall in no circumstances be regarded as a second PhD.

- Who can register to the habilitation to conduct research ?

Applicants to this program must have :

  • Doctoral degree
  • Doctoral degree allowing the practice of medicine, odontology, pharmacy and veterinary medicine and an advanced postgraduate diploma of extensive studies.
  • to justify a diploma, works or equivalent experience to PHD level. This requirement is especially intended to admit other same level diplomas awarded abroad.

- Registration process :

The LGC has two guardianship universities : UPS (Paul Sabatier University) and the INPT (Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse).

Concerning the habilitation to conduct research (HDR), the registration is made directly to the INPT in accordance with their own procedure.

Registration to the INPT : Click here