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Services for businesses

Services for business :

In its day-to-day activities, the CRITT GPTE provides companies and communities with customised services such as :

- Research and bibliographic summary
- Technical expertise on processes or devices
- Physical-chemical analyses through the SAP (Service for Process Analysis of the LGC)
- Establishment of pilot tests to validate operating conditions of processes or for the production of representative batches,
- Design, assembly and exploitation of semi-industrial prototypes,
- Help for the creation of new innovative businesses (access to equipment)

Our projects make use of CRITT staff but can also include the staff of the affiliated laboratories. These mixed teams make use of the best experts in a specific field while avoiding too much loss of time from their principal activities of teaching and research.

Examples of equipment available

- Separation

  • Extraction columns (pulsed plate) D 50mm, D 25mm.
  • Distillation column (packed and under vacuum) D 50mm
  • Large range of mixer-settlers D 50mm, D 100mm
  • Centrifugation and filtration units
  • Membrane treatment units
  • Oil removal unit (coalescing devices, drum)

- Reaction

  • Fine chemistry reactors of 10, 30 and 50 litres
  • Biological reactors
  • Oxidation reactors (wet process, ozonation)

- Mobile Pilots

  • Cyclone unit
  • Ultra-filtration unit
  • Adsorption unit

- Analyses

  • Global pollution analyses (DOC, TOC, DBQ, nitrogen, phosphates)
  • Tests of coagulation – flocculation
  • Tests of biodegradability by respirometry
  • Tests of methanation
  • Chromatography GC and HPLC, spectrophotometers
  • Laser grain-sizing, tensiometer, turbidimeter
  • Powder analyser, particle counter
  • Scanning Electron Microscope