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- Area of activities:

  • Chemicals, fine chemicals
  • Health, pharmacy and cosmetics
  • Materials and energy
  • Environment: liquid, gas and solid treatment of wastewater, energy recovery from solid waste (methanisation)
  • Agriculture and agro-food
  • Aviation, aerospace and defence

- The skills of the CRITT merge with the skills of associated laboratories:

  • Design of the elements of a process and optimisation
  • Simulation of the operations involved in the transformation of matter (physical, chemical, biochemical)
  • Design of lab installations and up-scaling for industry
  • Establishing the relationship between the manufacturing process and the properties of the final product
  • Preparation of materials with specific properties
  • Treatment of environmental problems (waste, effluent, renewable energy etc.)

- This is particularly the case for two important areas that the CRITT attaches priority to and for which has developed specific know-how:

  • Yield enhancement of processes through the development of methodologies and equipment working in the continuous mode
  • Making use of solid waste and especially processes of methanisation through the constitution of a platform of expertise unique in France