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(2016) Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 38, pp. 1563-1568.

Using Dynamic Simulation for Risk Assessment : Application to an Exothermic Reaction

Berdouzi, F., Olivier-Maget, N., Gabas, N.


- Evaluation of industrial risks is essential to safely drive and perform chemical processes. The well-known HAZOP (HAZard and OPerability) analysis is largely applied to identify major accidental scenarios. However, the quantification of process deviation effects, useful for appropriate decision making, is a real challenge. In this paper, HAZOP method is combined with a dynamic simulation tool (Aspen Dynamics) to determine consequences of the deviations from normal operating conditions that may lead to severe accidents.
- Moreover, it will permit to test process design modifications to improve the safety level. A process involving an exothermic reaction (oxidation of sodium thiosulphate by hydrogen peroxide) conducted in a semi-batch reactor, likely to lead to a runaway scenario, is used to demonstrate the advantages of the proposed procedure. © 2016 Elsevier B.V.