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Offre de Thèse CIFRE : Assessment of the Industrial Potentials for an innovative high-tech separation method.

Sujet de thèse CIFFRE : Assessment of the Industrial Potentials for an innovative high-tech separation method.)
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- A new technology is capable of separation of macromolecules or particles.
Nowadays, this technology is applied only in the analytical field, for the characterization of a broad range of objects, such as, synthetic macromolecules and polymers, gels, polysaccharides, particles suspensions, and environmental pollutants. Several laboratory analyzers exist in the market. Nonetheless, no suitable industrial technology exists to provide same types of separations. To face process needs, there is a technological lag in this field for production purpose.
- In this context, a PhD thesis is proposed to validate the potential of this technique, by identifying process critical parameters, and by demonstrating the proof of concept at larger scale for the production of strong value-added particles, as priority, but macromolecules are not excluded. Developing an industrial innovative technology would fill the actual gaps underlined in some of Solvay current projects.
- The PhD program will be divided in four parts.

  • The first part will be dedicated to a preliminary screening of the nature and intensity of various phenomena experienced by particles when exposed to a complex environment.
  • The outcome of this first approach will help in the development of a specific Lab prototype for particles separation. This prototype will support the validation of key parameters for the design.
  • Then, the developed technology will be validated by an assessment of the potential level of performances. This will be performed by testing various Solvay products of different sizes and shapes.
  • After validation, the last part of the PhD will be allocated to the extrapolation of the proposed technology to the industrial scale by the definition of the main design parameters.