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(2016) Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 38, pp. 1563-1568.

Using Dynamic Simulation for Risk Assessment : Application to an Exothermic Reaction

Berdouzi, F., Olivier-Maget, N., Gabas, N.


- Evaluation of industrial risks is essential to safely drive and perform chemical processes. The well-known HAZOP (HAZard and OPerability) analysis is largely applied to identify major accidental scenarios. However, the quantification of process deviation effects, useful for appropriate decision making, is a real challenge. In this paper, HAZOP method is combined with a dynamic simulation tool (Aspen Dynamics) to determine consequences of the deviations from normal operating conditions that may lead to severe accidents. Moreover, it will permit to test process design modifications to improve the safety level.
- A process involving an exothermic reaction (oxidation of sodium thiosulphate by hydrogen peroxide) conducted in a semi-batch reactor, likely to lead to a runaway scenario, is used to demonstrate the advantages of the proposed procedure. © 2016 Elsevier B.V.