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(2016) Chemical Engineering and Processing : Process Intensification, .

Aggregation and breakup of acrylic latex particles inside millimetric scale reactors

Lachin, K.a b , Le Sauze, N.a b , Di Miceli Raimondi, N.a b , Aubin, J.a b , Gourdon, C.a b , Cabassud, M.a b


- Aggregation of acrylic latex is investigated inside tubular millireactors working under laminar hydrodynamic conditions. The size distribution and fractal dimension of aggregates are measured using light scattering.
- Results show that the equilibrium between rupture and aggregation is achieved quickly, allowing the study of cluster size distribution and shape at the aggregation/rupture steady state.
- Both laminar hydrodynamic conditions and high shear rate are suspected to promote the formation of aggregates with a high fractal dimension, which means that the particles are almost spherical, thereby offering an interesting alternative to conventional batch processes. These results can provide useful information for industries aiming at producing aggregates at specified size and quality. © 2016 Elsevier B.V.