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26 octobre 2016 : Séminaire GIMD - "Characterisation for nucleation, crystal growth and crystallisation processes" par Pr. Xiaojun Lai

Séminaire GIMD

- Titre : Characterisation for nucleation, crystal growth and crystallisation processes
- Intervenant : par Pr. Xiaojun Lai

  • School of Chemical and Process Engineering Faculty of Engineering University of Leeds, UK
    - Résumé
  • Crystallisation represents an important industrial process of separation and purification. Despite great advances in crystallisation science and engineering in the years, experimentally characterising the nucleation and crystal growth on a molecular scale is still of essential challenge. Alpha-Para Amino Bezoic Acid (PABA) has been studied as a representative system. SAXS was used to characterise the formation of molecule clusters associated with the nucleation, whilst KBHR approach was used for the kinetics study. The KBHR approach is extended to explore the crystallisation kinetics of the double salt system of burkeite with the aid of in-situ process Raman technique. For crystal habit modification of KDP by transition metal cations, the local structure of Cr3+ and Mn3+ additives in the crystal lattice was characterised using x ray absorption spectroscopy and x-ray standing wave. X-ray topography was used to characterise the growth history and defects. These investigations revealed the detailed mechanism of the crystal morphology change with the associated chemistry on the growing surfaces.

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- Séminaire GIMD - 26/10/2016 - 14h - LGC Labège – Salle des thèses