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The training

- Training-through-research

The training programmes of the recruited researchers will be run within the frame of the research programme described here.

The 11 ESR posts will last for 3 years and the young researchers will be encouraged to value their formation by a thesis.

5 young ERs will also be recruited for post-doc positions of 12 to 24 months.

The ESRs will spend at least three months and up to 30% of their time at other sites of the network (secondment) and/or in the sites of the associated partners to gain experience in the use of complementary analytical tools and/or acquire specific technical expertises.

- Training through scientific and complementary skills courses

BIOCOR plans to offer a large range of training activities on scientific and complementary skills to recruited researchers.

  • Basic scientific courses :
    — Basic knowledge on corrosion for researchers with microbiology background
    — Basic knowledge on microbiology for researchers with corrosion or material sciences or chemistry background
    — Basic surface science knowledge for researchers with microbiology background
    — Surface science and surface analysis for researchers with material science & chemistry background
  • Complementary skills courses :
    — Research management
    — Perfecting oral and written communication skills
    — English and possibly other dominating European language skills
    — Scope of EU funded projects
    — Intellectual property rights and exploitation of research’s results

- Training through the network-wide activities

Every six months, ‘Network meetings’ will be organised to exploit the multidisciplinary nature and expose the participants to different schools of thoughts, disciplines, approaches, cultures and techniques (young researchers’ presentation of their results).

Once a year the workshop will be included in a session dedicated to MIC of EUROCORR, the annual European Federation of Corrosion (EFC) conference.

Project mid term : a 7 days summer school on "Fundamental and applied knowledge in biocorrosion"

A widely publicised Final Network conference will be organised at the end of the project, to present the achievements of the Network in terms of accomplished research as well as proposing the development of new research profiles in biocorrosion.

International conferences : Each ESR recruited will attempt at least one international meeting.

- More information
Visit the project’s website here.