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Agri-Elec is a research program on Bioenergies funded by the French National Research Agency from 2009 to 2012.

The Agri-Elec project gathers the complementary skills of seven partners in order to develop microbial fuel cells (MFCs) able to use residues from the agricultural and forest industry as fuels. It is aimed first at progressing in the fundamental understanding of microbial-electro catalysis, in particular by coupling the electrochemical analytical techniques with the tools of molecular biology with the view to optimise the electrochemical properties of microbial biofilms. The final goal consists in using the created basic knowledge to design a MFC able to use wastes for paper industry and different fractions of agricultural residues.

The Agri-Elec project wants to impulse new fundamental breakthroughs and to give a well-argued answer to the question : may MFCs become a truly promising technology for the large scale production of electrical energy from agricultural and forest industry residues ?