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What kind of activities are proposed by the association ?}}

_* Alambic’s actions include:

    • Publishing a detailed directory of PhD and Post-doctoral students of the LGC
    • Design and sale of USB memory sticks matching the colours of the
    • Distribution of agendas for the current year
    • Sharing job offers through the mailing list and the website
    • Organisation of the reception of the new PhD students in partnership with the head of safety at the site
    • Organisation of functions promoting the connection between PhD students and other non-permanent staff of the LGC (Post-PhD, ATER, trainees)
    • The regular updating of the Security Manual of the LGC
    • The updating of the Reception Booklet of the LGC
    • The implementation of cultural and sporting events
    • Online publishing of the pictures of the events
    • Printing a photo of the all non-permanent staff