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Professional opportunities

Key Figures

  • • 38% of PhD students work in industry 2 years after defending their thesis (source : Doctoral school MEGEP)
  • 62% aim to work as :
    • Academic or Teacher-Academic
    • Head of Laboratory
    • Head of research and development
    • Consultant, scientific expert

Academic career

Following their thesis defence, the post PhD student can apply for several positions as :

  • ATER : Temporary Lecturer and Research Assistant
  • Post-PhD
  • Research engineer
  • Teacher-Academic
  • Senior lecturer

Industrial career

In this case, l’ABG can forward job offers, or you can have a look at job offers on specialised websites such as APEC to apply for engineering positions in a company.

Obtaining a PhD opens a career path into positions in companies as a research engineer, in a company of engineering consultants, in a R&D department, but also to positions with responsibilities.

- Positions in industry :

  • Production,
  • Maintenance and logistical support
  • Quality and security
  • R&D, engineering and conception
  • Marketing and finance
  • Management and supervision

- Skills sought by industry:
- capacity to organise and manage a research project,
- respect of specifications,
- following up the actions and dead-lines of production,
- drafting clear project conclusions,
- managing a budget dedicated to projects
- self-management in a team

Job offers at LGC